$20 minimum


🥬🍠🍗*M•O•N•D•A•Y ✨ Feb 6*

ORDER NOW…No later then SATURDAY Feb 4

Pick up or Delivery MONDAY Feb 6
@ 105 W 35th St. National City, Suite “A”
10:00-3:30pm & 5-6:00pm
If you can’t come pick up this day you still have Wednesday .

🥗 A-SALAD) Mix green Salad 3.5 oz grilled chicken, comes w a side of 8oz. Quinoa Salad w mint, sweet potato, red onion, craisins, pistachios. 4oz sherry dressing.

🍔 B-LUNCH) VEGETARIAN Beet Burger, comes w 100 cal bread, Muenster cheese, sautéed bell peppers, chipotle crema and a little arugula.

🐟 C-DINNER) White fish fillet a creamy Alfredo sauce, Brown rice, steam vegetables

*Meal Prep W•E•D•N•E•S•D•A•Y Feb 8*

@ 105 W 35th St. National City, Suite “A”
10:00-3:00pm ONLY .
If you can’t pick up this day… you’ll lose your order

🌯 D-LUNCH) Half wrap & Salad. (spinach tortilla, 3.5 oz Grilled Chicken. Mix vegetables) salad w & homemade dressing)

🍗 E-DINNER) 2 chicken thighs in tomatillo & chipotle sauce, Mexican corn bread & sautéed spinach.

**ADVISORY: Consuming raw or under-cooked foods such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, and eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.